5 Tips to Overcome Beat Block for Music Producers

By tmicbeats on Jul 02, 2017 in Beat Block , Music Production - Comments Off on 5 Tips to Overcome Beat Block for Music Producers

Every producer has been there. You open up your DAW of choice, browse through your sounds, play out a few notes on your keyboard, but for one reason or another nothing is coming together. Here are 5 quick tips on overcoming Beat Block.

Take a Beat Block Break

Clear your mind, go for a walk, hang out with friends, and just get away from the music for a little. Take some time to work on other hobbies outside of music. When you feel ready, open up you project again and start with fresh ears and a clear mindset.

Try Some New Sounds

Every producer has their go to VST or drum kit, try searching into a category of your VST you haven’t visited yet, use an instrument you don’t use often, try a drum kit you’ve never used before. If you still don’t come across any beat ideas, maybe it’s time to upgrade your sound. Hit the search engines and grab some new Drum Kits or Virtual Instruments and get back to sound searching.

Browse YouTube and listen to some genres of music you have never listened to before. Try listening to music from other countries, past decades, other languages, and so on. Listen to the way these genres blend their sounds and their choice of instrument selection. Often this is enough to spark up some ideas for your own music in your genre of choice.

Learn Some New Skills

Maybe it’s been awhile since you practiced your scales or music theory. Try experimenting with a less common scale, there are 100’s of them out there to learn and chances are you may have become accustomed to only using a few. Hit up Youtube and watch some beat making tutorials and pick up some new techniques. Music producers are life long students. The learning never stops.

Change your Beat Making Routine

Do you always start with your chords first then add the melody? Or melody first then add the chords? Or how about drums first and then add your instruments? Whatever approach you typically take try reversing it and starting with something you usually don’t, this may help lead you to some fresh ideas and a new outlook on your beat.

Remember why you Started

Chances are your started making music because it was fun, get back to enjoying the creative process. Set the business mindset aside for a little. Don’t let slow beat sale periods kill your creative vibes.

How do you cure episodes of Beat Block in your Music Production life? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts and experiences.